Web Development

Interactive Web Frontends, Web-Apps, Database Development, Web APIs und complex Internet Portals — reachable from everywhere.

More than just websites

Frontend & Backend Development

We develop data-driven web applications and interactive frontends on the basis of open-source technology.

Reach users everywhere

Connected web services will increase your digital visibility by offering your service on multiple, digital channels.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design ensures the optimal presentation of your web app on a variety of screen sizes.

Connected Systems

Web APIs connect independent applications, so that isolated solutions are transformed into a collaborative system with added value.

Entwicklung von interaktiven Web-Frontends

Interactive Frontends

We develop highly interactive frontends with outstanding user experience that are in no way inferior to native desktop and mobile apps. Using modern web technologies and being backed by frameworks of tech-giants like Facebook and Google, we create modern Single-Page-Applications with responsive design.

Our Technologies
HTML5 CSS3 React.js Typescript Redux PWA Single-Page-App

Backends & APIs

Backends are the invisible part of a web app. They map business processes by processing requests, authenticating users, managing data records and initiating actions in other systems. Our emphasis is on Web APIs for apps, web frontends or voice interfaces.

Our Technologies
Node.js Typescript Nest.js Domain Driven Design SQL Datenbanken Google Cloud Platform Firebase
Entwicklung von Web-Backends und APIs
Mit einer Verwaltungsoberfläche Datenbanken verwalten

Admin Panels

Many apps require the management of content, users or products in a database. With our easy-to-use admin solutions, you can maintain and update your apps without technical knowledge.

Our Technologies
Admin-Panel React Admin Ant Design Headless CMS

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