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Welcome to one of the few specialised React Native agencies in Germany. Our experienced React Native developers create unique apps for iOS and Android.

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Professional React Native App Development

We look after your app project from the idea to the launch and beyond.

With React Native, native apps can be developed for iOS and Android without programming separately for each platform. Compared to native app development, time and costs can be saved.

We would be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of React Native and help you decide whether React Native is suitable for your project.

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  • Consulting
  • Concept & UX-Design
  • UI-Design
  • Programming
  • Backend-Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment & Maintenance

3 reasons to work with us


100% successful Projects

So far we completed every customer project successfully. Our customers are satisfied and recommend us.


Small Team

No changing contact persons, no constant change of developers. We are a small team and work with our customers in the long term.


Quality by Passion

The quality of our apps is important to us. We develop with passion and do not settle for half-baked solutions.

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Our Technology-Stack for React-Native

React Native

React Native is Facebook's popular open source framework for developing native apps for iOS and Android, without having to write the code twice in Java (Android) or Swift (iOS).


TypeScript is a programming language that builds on JavaScript and supports static typing. This increases code quality and improves maintainability.

State Management

There are numerous alternatives for state management in React. Depending on the project requirements, we rely on Redux, Zustand, React Query or React Context API for state management.

Custom Modules

For many native features, such as push notifications or camera access, there are already ready-made React Native modules. If the requirements demand it, we also develop our own modules to integrate native Android and iOS code.

Advantages of React Native Apps

While not every app can be developed with React Native - if the requirements allow it, React Native does offer some advantages over native app development.

Save time & money

Most apps should be available for iOS and Android. With "normal" app development, the code for each platform must be written separately in different programming languages. With React Native, the code for both platforms can be reused. This saves time and costs.

Good performance

Many cross-platform technologies have performance problems, i.e. the apps do not run as smoothly as native apps. The performance of React Native is not quite as good as that of native apps, but still very good: The apps run smoothly and fast.

Big community

More and more apps use open source software instead of programming everything themselves. React Native is one of the most popular open source technologies and has a large community. This means that there are many ready-made modules that can be integrated into apps with little effort.

Successful client projects

React Native Example Projects from our Portfolio

My Daily Input - Your App for new Knowledge

  • Category: Cross-Plattform-App
  • Client: My Daily Input GmbH
  • Description: The app for iOS and Android provides daily snacks of knowledge from a large variety of self-selectable topics. The app is free, but offers in-app purchases and a Pro subscription.
  • Our services: Design, App- & Backend-Development, Admin Panel
  • Technologies: React Native Typescript In-App-Purchase Nest.js Firebase React Admin
  • Website: My Daily Input

Sellorado - Sell books & media at a fixed price

  • Category: React Native App
  • Client: Sellorado GmbH
  • Description: Sellorado buys books, CDs, DVDs and games at a fixed price. With the app, customers can scan their items via their smartphone camera, retrieve the offers and complete the sale. The app is available for iOS and Android.
  • Our services: Development of the React Native App
  • Technologies: React Native iOS Android Typescript React Query
  • Website: Sellorado
Screenshots of the lumind Apps and an image of the lumind habitat


  • Category: Cross-platform App
  • Client: Own project
  • Description: Sell4More is a cross-platform app for comparing the most important German recommerce vendors. If you want to sell old books, dvds or games, you might face the problem that different vendors offer widely varying prices. The app provides a convenient way of price comparison and assigns the article to the vendors, ensuring that your profit gets maximized.
  • Our services: Concept & Design, App Development, Optimisation Algorithm
  • Technologies: React Native iOS Android Redux Spring Mixed-Integer-Programming
  • Website: Sell4More - Sell books & co for the best price

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