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Bring ideas to the market quickly, using Minimum Viable Products and the Lean Startup Model.

What is a MVP?

Accelerate Digital Innovation

Rapid testing and development of new ideas

At the beginning of a new product development startups and innovation departments are often in the dark. Will the idea be successful? Will the target group like the product? Or do we have to pivot?

We know from our own experience that startups can't define all requirements for a mobile or web app right from the beginning. That they can't wait for 6 month for the first release. And that they aren't able to spend a five-digit budget for a product, which might be turned upside down in a user test.

MVPs are an effective method for rapidly and inexpensively validating a product idea.

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Steps for developing a MVP

You care about idea, business and marketing, we about UX & development.

Ablauf der Produkt-Entwicklung mit dem MVP-Ansatz

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What is a MVP?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a technique for developing new products with little risk and low budget. Instead of building a full-blown product, the initial feature set is reduced to a bare minimum, just enough to satisfy early adopters. If the MVP is successful it can be further extended, always considering the feedback from the product's users.

Comparison between the product development process with and without MVP
Improve your product incrementally, instead of developing the full-blown product right from the beginning.