We are an app agency from Berlin with expertise in Progressive-Web-Apps (PWA) development.

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Progressive-Web-Apps are future technology.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) blur the line between traditional apps and mobile websites. Just like web pages, they are simply called up in the browser, but then gradually reveal more and more functions that users actually know from 'real' apps.

Reach more users

PWAs are access­ible via normal URLs and also search engines on the inter­net. No down­load, no instal­lation. There­fore the obs­tacle to use is very small.

High availability

iOS or Android? That's no longer the ques­tion. With minor restric­tions PWAs run in any browser on any oper­ating system.

Lower costs

Less development effort and no app store fees: Invest­ment and main­ten­ance costs are lower than with cross-platform apps.


Modern web technologies enable features that were previously reserved for native apps.


PWAs adapt to any screen size: Desk­top, Smart­phone, Tab­let and all other devices.


PWAs can be added to the homes­creen – without the hassle of the app store.


Once called, the PWA can be used with­out an inter­net con­nec­tion, if the use case allows it.

Native Features

Camera, GPS, Push-Noti­fications: More and more app features are also supported by PWAs.

Advantages over native apps

Can PWAs make native apps obsolete? Probably PWAs won't replace their native counterparts completely. But in many cases they can already convince today!

User Experience

  • No installation
  • Short loading time
  • Runs in every browser


  • Easy distribution with links
  • Findable at Google
  • Independent of the app store


  • One app for all platforms
  • Large software-ecosystem
  • Fast version-updates


  • Lower development cost
  • No app store fees
  • Less maintanance cost

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