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We are an app agency from Berlin and develop apps for Android, iOS and the web.

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Concept & Design

Probably you already have first ideas of what your app should do and how it could look like. Or maybe you already have detailed plans. We set up on this and develop a UI/UX concept for the app. Depending on the use case we build a first interactive prototype, allowing you to try out the app before the programming begins. This way laborious changes during the implementation phase can be prevented. We conduct user tests for important features, ensuring a great Usability for the app.

App Development

We program the app using state of the art technologies and best practices. We create Cross Platform Apps and Web Apps. We make use of an agile, iterative development process: At first all requirements are gathered and prioritised. The most important features at a time will be implemented in a two- to four-week sprint. You can test the intermediate status regularly, give feedback and adjust the direction of advancement.

Cross-platform Apps

Cross-platform apps hit two birds with one stone: The app is developed once only, but runs as well on Android and iOS. Accordingly, cross-plattform apps are a cost-effective alternative to native app development in many cases.

Our technologies
React Native Typescript Firebase Redux
Progressive Web Apps

(Progressive) Web Apps

Web apps are interactive websites that run on small smartphones and also on desktop computers with large screens. Furthermore, modern browsers support app-like functionality like offline-mode, notifications and home-screen installation.

More about PWAs

Our technologies
React.js Single-Page-Apps Typescript HTML5 PWA Service Worker
Native Apps für Android und iOS

Native Apps

Native apps are developed for use on a particular mobile operating systems (mostly Android or iOS). Because they are written for a specific platform, they can make use of all system features and integrate perfectly into the host system. Thus, they provide a terrific user experience.

Our technologies
iOS Android Swift Kotlin MVVM Clean Architecture Reactive Extensions

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Use Cases & Features


Backend Connection

Connect your app with the internet, providing connected services and current contents.


Barcode Scanner

Simplify the capturing of product data with a barcode scanner app.



Connect your app to external hardware via bluetooth.

Chat Interfaces in Apps


Integrate conversational interfaces and chatbots for a personalized user experience.

Apps statt Excel-Tabellen

Excel Apps

Digitilize processes that have been mapped with excel so far.

Gamification in Apps erhöht die Motivation


Integrate playful elements into your app to sustain the user's motivation.

Standortbasierte Apps

Location Based Services

Reach you users when they are at a particular place.

Apps auf mehreren Plattformen

Multi-platform Apps

Bring your service to all devices: PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Benachrichtigungen in Apps


Inform your users about important news with push-notifications.

Mit Apps Geld verdienen

Payment Solutions

Receive payments with in-app purchases or third-party payment solutions.

Smartwatch-Apps für die Apple Watch oder Android Wear

Smartwatch Apps

Get even closer to your users.


Tablet Apps

Present your content on the big screen.